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Another year at UEGW with Norgine and we stepped up once again. From Norgine’s strapline, Fluid Thinking, we created a flowing, water-themed stand. Product presentations were displayed on screens standing in pools of water linked together with a channel.

Visitors were sent advance information in the form of an origami boat that could be folded and floated downstream on the stand. They were invited to ‘float their boat’ on the booth and received a branded gift for doing so.

The main attraction on this stand literally stopped people in their tracks.  Messages in the form of water droplets would appear and disappear on a giant water screen.  A programme designed to promote the company and its products was the focal point of the stand but the attraction was also interactive; allowing visitors to design their own message and watch it appear in the water seconds later.

We proved that when it comes to delivering an engaging message – you CAN do it with water!