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When the former ‘Millennium Dome’ was acquired by O2 and converted into a major London concert venue and entertainment centre, marketing agency Sledge were brought in to create a series of standalone ‘experiences’. In turn, they partnered with CE3 Design to assist in creating ‘Chill’, a relaxation area within the venue where visitors could ‘chill out’, listen to music and get way from the crowd.

  • Chill provided visitors with a soothing refuge where they could relax in a customisable music and video environment
  • The space was contained in 3 bubble zones using an inflatable shell
  • Visitors could snuggle in an individual cocoon or lounge on the pillow landscape
  • The download cocoons featured headphone jacks with access to the latest O2 music content
  • The environmental jukebox allows visitors to text the wallpaper to change the scenery

Our project team, including Managing Director, Helen Gibbs, provided project management support, coordinating build and installation teams, dealing with complex regulatory and safety monitoring, and providing onsite support throughout the build and commissioning of the attraction. Chill was used for 6 years leading up to the O2’s temporary use for the London 2012 Olympics.

Helen even has her name immortalised on the contributors display at the entrance to the venue. We check she’s still there whenever we visit!