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Saint-Gobain is an international abrasives manufacturer who has acquired a number of companies over the years.  They had a 250 sqm space at the trade fair with another 2 adjacent booths for 2 other brands; each approx 50 sqm.

To meet the needs of multiple brands with a cohesive look & feel we created:

•    Brand Areas for each of 6 products incorporating a large graphic, plasma screen and product display case.
•    An ‘Innovation Zone’ showcasing their new and top brands.
•    A fully enclosed, fire-retardant and safe ‘Demonstration Booth’ where they could present products, with viewing from all four sides.
•    A hospitality area with bar and seating for about 50 people.
•    3 meeting rooms, a reception desk and small store for technical equipment.
•    High level branding.

As we’re sure you’ll agree the stand was popular with delegates and gave San Gobain the opportunity to show off, and cross fertilise, their brands.